What is the goal of the Apprentice & Assistant Association?
The Midwest Section, PGA is establishing a unique culture amongst all assistant golf professionals by combining educational programs with camaraderie and relaxed, non-competitive playing opportunities to help foster professional relationships and career development. The Association’s main focus is to create and schedule meaningful, friendly social gatherings that will promote professional growth for those who have goals of obtaining leadership roles in the golf industry.


How will you receive assistance?
The Apprentice & Assistant Committee will schedule periodic meetings to cover a variety of topics specific to the golf business.  These meetings will feature guest speakers, local or national PGA Professionals, who are experts in their respective field.  In addition, the MPGA website contains several resources including a database of Midwest Section PGA Professionals who have volunteered to act as mentors.  Furthermore, there will be a comprehensive list of your peer assistants and the level in the program they are currently in, affording you the opportunity to network with them regarding any PGA PGM subjects. 


Areas of Emphasis
Career Building



Rules of Golf

Tournament Operations

Customer Service

Playing Ability

PGA PGM Work Experience Topics

And much more….

Are there any fees or requirements?
Annually, facilities will have the option to pay for membership.  Each Facility, regardless of how many assistants work on staff will pay $120.  

  • YEAR-LONG MEMBERSHIP - $120/year entitles you to admission into all AAA-sponsored educational seminars and events.  (3) pprentice workshops, (2) member workshops (MSR Opportunities), scholarship opportunity, access to the new AAA portal (coming soon, playing events, Philbrick Cup funding and social events.  Registration for the membership will open on February 7th via BlueGolf.

All membership fees will be used to cover expenses related to facility hosts, keynote speakers and food and beverage for scheduled AAA events.  In additio, all Apprentice golf professionals who wish to play in the Midwest Section golf tournaments MUST BE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE AAA.  Please remember, the opportunity to pla in section events is a privilege and not a right.


 Current AAA Committee Member Contact Information








 Nick Burkart



Mission Hills CC 913-722-1085

 Gabe Beronja



Blue Hills CC


 Landon Carver Treasurer B-8 CC of Leawood 913-491-1313
  TBA Secretary