Pukka 2017

Hall of Fame

The Midwest Section PGA Hall of Fame was established in 2003 to recognize extraordinary careers by paying tribute to those individuals who have served the Section and/or golfing community in a commendable manner, set standards for promoting the game, are recognized as outstanding teachers, players  and/or have contributed in a special way to the growth as well as adding heritage of the Section.



Stan Thirsk

Kansas City Country Club 


Sam Reynolds

Hickory Hills Country Club 


Harold "Jug" McSpaden 

PGA Tour


Leland "Duke" Gibson 

Blue Hills Country Club 


Jon E. Jacobson 

Midwest Section PGA 


Brien Boggess 

St. Joseph Country Club 

 2009   Bobby Clayton Bobby Clayton's Clubfit/Repair


  Tom Watson PGA Tour
 2011   Bud Williamson, Jr. Blue Hills Country Club


  Rick Grayson Rivercut Golf Course
 2013   Jeff Johnson Sunflower Hills Golf Course
 2014   Perry Leslie Highland Springs Country Club
 2014   Brian Maloney Highland Springs Country Club
 2014   Ken Leland Moila Shrine & Country Club
 2014   Mike Habermehl St. Joseph Country Club
2015   Jeff Burey Twin Oaks Golf Complex
2015   Dorl Sweet Bill & Payne Stewart Golf course
2015   Robert Stone, Sr.  
2016   Randy Towner Firekeeper Golf Course
2016   Tom Aikmus Lake Quivira Country Club